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Current Programs

Registered Members will be encouraged to participate and continue to work in the following programs. There will be some tutorials, coffee discussion and seminars to review the progress in these topics.

a.  Jaganath Meteorite–2003, Orissa


This recovery, observations, thin section, petrography, XRD, and INAA (publication in Current Science, September 10th 2004) (see the web page for Jaganath Meteorite)

b.  Lonar Meteor Crater

AGCA conducted field expedition in May 2005 along with 12 young members, and have already completed some work on the impactites, using thin sections, XRD, scanning microscope at IIT-Mumbai and at present pursuing the work on INAA/PGAA at BARC. Mumbai.

AGCA proposes to conduct field trip to different Impact Craters within the country. (more details)

c.  Observatory: Vimal A. Telescope (VAT)

VAT has been primarily acquired for planetary observation, along with computerized mount CG-5, along with NexRemote Control along with its own GPS. VAT is equipped with its own accessories like eyepieces, planetary filters and appropriate software.

d.  Observatory–AGO: Services

AGO caters to other services too like offering satellite identification, weather report, weather map, rain cloud pattern, sky condition. There will be studies of microclimate for Ambeshiv Khurd along wind pattern. All Sky Camera images will be made available on-line basis

e.  Star Cluster: Open & Globular Cluster (OCL) & (GCL)

Studies of OCL & GCL are taken at AGO mainly to study the clusters closer to the galactic centre. There are some cluster which are fainter and towards to the centre and ante centre of our galaxy.
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