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Vacation Courses for students: Telescope Making

  Vacation Courses for students

Telescope making course for school children (3 days 2 hours daily). Emphasis will be laid for making small refractor telescopes, inclusive of lens type telescope kit. Topics discussed will be Lens mathematics to understand the terms like focal length, power of the telescope, and focal length of eye piece, telescope mounts, what you could see with your telescope. More details

Make your own Telescope-Making Course: Junior

This course is mainly for school children (class V – VII), here the participant is taught how to make Refractor (Lens Type), This course will be for maximum 40 participants. First come first served. Rs.500/- The course will start from March 2010

Make your own Telescope-Making Course: Amateur Astronomers

This course is mainly for amateur astronomers, college students, general public, here the participant is taught how to make Reflector (Mirror Type), This course will be for maximum 40 participants. First come first served. Rs.500/-. The course will start from March 2010

How to use your Telescope, and take care of the same

This course will be conducted using your own telescope, alignments of the mirror and eyepiece, FOV, mounts, making your own RA, and DEC circles. Types of eyepieces. Preparing your log sheet for your telescope, mount, filters & eyepieces. Rs. 500/-. [For 20 members only]. The course will start from March 2010

How to conduct Astronomical Observation?

How to plan your Observation for the evening? Time management, Scheduling your observations, Plan Sky Maps, view through finder, & telescopic view, identify field stars, standard stars, your object stars. Telescopic details like RA & Dec motion, error analysis of drive, check polar motion. Planning your Observatory Snakes ( ur snack break). Eye fatigue, memory blanks, maintaining your logging procedures meticulously. Monitoring/planning weather conditions, [For 20 members only] Rs.500/-. The course will start from March 2010

Membership Entitlement


For all Membership are entitled to attend Monthly lectures by astronomers, scientists, amateur astronomers, scholars and those interested in the subjects; on every 2nd Sunday between 10 am to 11:30 am Coffee table discussions: Only for the Members. Members are welcome to share their view on different topics in Astronomy.

There will be specific field trips for Membership, where they will have opportunity to acquaint them with different parts of the sky with naked eye as well as binocular sky.

Astronomical Observations of the Centre

Members are encouraged to participate, in calendar year they will be entitled for 4 to 5 telescopic observation night. They are encouraged to join in several research programs actively. All the rights of observation and their results are the sole rights and are vested with AGCA. Any dispute arising on this issue, Director’s decision will be final.

Members will also get a formal identification card valid for that year.

Course work- members will get 30% discount.

Both the members will be entitled to use the Library books, as most books are reference, no books will be issued.

Publications/ Souvenirs of AGCA will be available at discounted price for the members.

Astronomical software/publications/books will be made available on discounted prices for the members.

Centre’s own publication:

Observers’ Log Book (OLB)
Constellations: Specific sky charts ( naked eye/binocular)
Monograms on different topics: (Astrophotography: Digital, CCD, techniques), Spectrography, Polarimetry, Photometry
Astronomical Calendar : Sunrise/sunset, Moonrise/moonset, planets rise/set, astronomical events.
Souvenirs : AGCA T-shirts, Astro Bags, AGCA Logo badges, Astro-Car stickers


Astrophotography (Only 20 member participants)

Meteor & Meteorite Studies (Only 20 member participants)

Solar Observations: White Light, Eclipse Studies (Only 20 member participants)
Moon Watch Program for School & College Students.

Sky Observation Program for Schools, NGO’s

5) Observing Tools: AGCA Promotional Aids
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